Rawkode Live is a live, hands-on, stream that aims to teach you how to use the latest, freshest, shiniest Cloud Native and Kubernetes tools.

This is an edited, sans live demo, version of this stream.

Sharing with you the thoughts and ideas of the best founders, maintainers, and contributors within the Cloud Native eco-system.

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Hands-on Introduction to Docker Slim

DockerSlim is a tool for developers that provides a set of commands (build, xray, lint and others) to simplify and optimize your developer experience with containers. ...

Acing the DevOps Interview

In conversation with David, Rohit discusses his journey to DevOps after graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering. He reveals exploring data science, machine le...

Hands-on Introduction to kpt

kpt is a package-centric toolchain that enables a WYSIWYG configuration authoring, automation, and delivery experience, which simplifies managing Kubernetes platforms ...

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